The Syring Medical Center has 10 clinics and 22 specialized departments.

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Geriatrics Center & Institude of Gentonrology

Syring Center for Geriatric Medicine is Dedicated to the Health and Well-Being of Older Adults

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in April 2009 noted that “the nation faces an impending health care crisis as the number of older pationts with more complex health needs increasingly outpaces the number of health care providers with the knowledge and skills to adequately care for them, Right now the nation is not prepared to meet the social and health care needs of elderly people.”

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For more information about the Center for Lifelong Health at University Hospitals, please call 1-844-312-LIFE (5433).

Our vision

Combining Quality Care& Modern Conveniences.

We started One Medical with the belief that clinical excellence commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience. To bring our vision to life, we listened to our patients. thoughtfully applied technology, and hired the best doctors to create a practice that is designed specifically to meet your needs.
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Rigorously selected board-certified doctors and longer appointments with doctors who actually listen.

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Same-day appointments, convenient ofice locations, and on-site lab test with no appointment required.

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Book appointments and get 24/7 care via phone, app, or online, and email directly with your doctor.

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95% of appointments start on time or early, and we’re in-network with most PPO and HMO plans.

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Medical Departments

Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional patient care is what sets Syring Medical Center apaert health care experience.

Provides medical care to patients who have problems with their heart or circulation.


This unit deals with disorders of the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord.


Orthopaedic departments treat problems that affect your musculoskeletal system.

Dental Clinic

We are here to provide a full range of exceptional quality care for dental services.


Syring is one of the leading medical facilities for the diagnostic and tearment of lung.


The urology department is run by consultant urology surgeons and their surgical teams.

Why Choose the Syring Medical Center

Led by the joint care coordinator, our team has been hand-picked for their positive attitudes, motivational skills and a desire to provide outstanding service.

  • Free Ambulance Transport
  • Highly Qualified Doctors
  • 24×7 Emergency Services
  • Leading Technology
  • Patient Centered Care
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